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Our purpose

Within an unjust and broken trading system, we stand with the workers, farmers and social entrepreneurs who are transforming trade.We act as a resource partner, accompanier, influencer, networker and ally. We work at local, national and international levels, focusing on Fashion, Tea and Farming.

We have a vision of trade which values all people and regenerates our fragile earth.

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Our relationship with Fairtrade Warehouse

We’re pleased to be partnering with Fairtrade Warehouse so that together we can work towards a world where everyone can enjoy the benefits of trade. Fairtrade Warehouse is proving every day that business can be done differently, while Transform Trade works directly with the most marginalised producers and campaigns for a fairer trading system

You can now top up your order with a donation to Transform Trade and support producers build their businesses and advocate for their rights.

Our roots are in the alternative trade movement in the northeast of England and we draw support from across the UK and beyond. We work in partnership with ethical businesses, workers, farmers and social entrepreneurs in South Asia and East Africa to transform trade so that everyone benefits. Our focus areas are Fashion, Tea and Farming. We used to be known as Traidcraft Exchange.

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Case Study


Bithi Rani is using the power of trade to change everything.

Not too long ago, Bithi Rani and her family were trapped in bonded labour. They borrowed money from local loan sharks in times of great need – and had to work for extortionate wages to pay back the debt.

But she broke this cycle by harnessing the power of trade. Here’s how it happened…

Her simple business grew into something that tipped the balance of power in her favour – she made money and saved money on clothes for her children. She says…

“We can stay away from the Mohajon [loan sharks] now” “We can confidently reject them by showing that we are financially better off,

and we do not need to work for them at such a low rate. We have better income options.” Trade used to be something that trapped Bithi Rani – but she turned it around and now her tailoring business gives her family freedom. When you join the movement to transform trade, you’re partnering with people like Bithi Rani to Create a better system and a better world for everyone.

People-centred trade

We fight to make trade work for everybody, not just the wealthy and powerful.

Our aim is to make all trade people-centred. Right now, global trade isn’t working. It’s based on a legacy of extraction, exploitation, and colonial history, and is damaging for people and the planet we rely on. Profits are all too often concentrated in the hands of a very small number of people, whilst those making or producing things suffer.


We work alongside communities experiencing injustice in trade and business to make all trade, everywhere, people-centred. You can join the movement and make a donation today here

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