Amisa Organic Buckwheat Flour (Gluten Free) 400g

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Finely Milled Wholegrain Buckwheat Flour: Your Culinary Ally

Unlock the culinary possibilities with this finely milled wholegrain buckwheat flour - your versatile companion for baking, cooking, and enhancing the texture of your sauces.

Experience the freedom to explore a world of flavors and creations with this premium flour. Its finely milled texture ensures effortless integration into your recipes, while its wholegrain goodness adds a wholesome touch to your dishes.

Don't miss out on the adventure - turn to the back of the pack for an easy-to-follow buckwheat galette recipe that's sure to delight.


  • Buckwheat

Elevate your culinary journey with this exceptional wholegrain buckwheat flour.

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